Vision Glass

Low-cost MR For High-performance Use
Rokid Vision is a wearable MR (Mixed Reality) accessory for mobile devices. A combination of Rokid’s state-of-the-art binocular optics, computer vision, AR and AI capabilities, Rokid Vision extends existing electronic interfaces (including phones, laptops, gaming consoles and tablets), to greatly improve productivity, entertainment and gaming experiences.

Increased accessibility for AR and MR

Extends any existing mobile app to MR with minimum development effort Inherits existing personalization settings

True Mixed Reality For Mobile

On-device SLAM delivers robust 6DOF performance across all applications
Halo 3D XUI allows for seamless mixing of reality with virtual elements
Experience immersive web surfing with Rokid Vision’s built-in 3D browser

The Most Natural Way To Interact In Mixed Reality
Turns your mobile device into a customized MR controller
Uses local gesture recognition for fully handsfree exploration
Extends existing personalization and voice assistant settings


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