Twin star lamp

Twin Star Lamp
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Though linearity and rationality dictate his formal solutions, emotion and innovation rule his choices in materials and finishings, which give form to his projects. Twin star lamp uses the latest in LED technology to create an innovative task lamp keenly attuned to modern day living. When in use, the lamp can extend in excess of 20cm. When folded, it reduces to a minimal vertical profile. And while contemporary in form, Twin star 's emphasis on meticulous construction and use of timeless materials lends it a unique sense of durability and presence.
Material: Aluminum alloy pipe, aluminum alloy with brass base
Finish: Satin Brass, or Black Oxide
Light temperature:: Warm white (3000 kelvin) 
Certifications: cUL
Design: Re-fun Design

All the mechanical structure of the twin star lamp is hidden in two aluminum alloy pipes. Aluminum alloy is made of standard pipes. The interior is adjusted in four directions through hydraulic damping to adjust the light up and down.
Delicate copper knobs on the base adjust brightness.Touch controls make it easy to adjust brightness and temperature to suit any space, any time of day, while premium aluminum alloy casing keeps the lamp cool to the touch.Users can adjust the color and brightness of the lamp according to the lighting environment and state. At the same time as an ornament, making the product more dynamic.​​​​​​​The Lamp lets you choose the quality of light to suit every situation, from warm and soothing to crisp and focused. 
The two pipes are connected by a damped rotating shaft, which can achieve 90 degree folding. In the case of not using the lamp, it can be folded into two columns to avoid wasting space.
Simple aluminum alloy pipe with black anodized, top with copper lid, enhance the light luxury sense of the lamp.
Minimalist, line shape design, in line with the home environment, in order to avoid affecting the overall environment of the home, maintain high quality and delicate feeling.



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