Pet time
Storytelling project that can best describe Joel Escalona work of phrases. As his generation in one of the most prolific and multi-disciplinary designer, Joel engaged in a series of projects, including product design, furniture and jewelry, consulting, design creative direction and gallery collection. Joel's work is not only a wide range of collection: it is to understand and master the material around him, process and culture materialized, lead to interdisciplinary projects and the related words, reflect on their own.
With Mexico, the United States, Europe and Asia customer cooperation, provides him with a global view, covers involved in each of his projects. In mass production in the flowerpot in the supermarket or on display in the gallery collection.
Joel's works on display in all of the world's most important design: milan, New York, Paris, Switzerland and Mexico City. He has repeatedly to design the most relevant activities, such as inter milan international furniture exhibition, the international contemporary furniture fair in New York ICFF studio, and was invited to become the representative of the American design. 

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