The specialist of M2 is the back,  which is perfect, and its arc surface is full of tension. When you hold M2, the radian of the back fits closely to your palms. We use the stainless steel, because of its smooth and cooling sensation,also it provides a good feeling for grip. In order to seek the complete body, we design the whole surface through the top and bottom of the curve extension to the front side of the phone, which makes it is simple and clear. We gave up dig holes in the glass out of the sounds, and set the speaker in the edges of top and bottom glass, the voice will be release without reservation through dense and orderly holes.

We always advocate that environmental protection and recycling. Not only the mobile phone’s material , but also the package . 
In hence, we did a lot of innovation on the package, it can be folded into a VR glasses: put cellphone into it, install the spherical mirror and nose pad to the box, then you have a VR. Open the VR channel of APP store, you can watch the video you want.


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