Rokid AR lite

Rokid AR Lite
Rokid is officially unveiling the AR Lite spatial computing suite, a groundbreaking combination of the Rokid Max 2 glasses and the Rokid Station 2 host unit. This innovative pairing marks a leap forward for Rokid by blending cutting-edge hardware with enhanced user interaction through Rokid's proprietary YodaOS-Master spatial operating system.

The Rokid AR Lite suite represents a paradigm shift in ergonomic design and human-machine interaction, departing from bulky headsets to deliver a wearable, lightweight, and user-friendly experience. Weighing a mere 75 grams, the Rokid Max 2 glasses offer a form factor akin to traditional eyewear, poised for widespread adoption.

The Rokid Station 2, powering the AR Lite suite, boasts a compact aluminum alloy frame and utilizes a Snapdragon® Platform optimized by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. for graphics rendering and AI computing on its YodaOS-Master operating system to maximize performance. With a large 5000mAh battery and dual Type-C ports supporting 18W fast charging, the Rokid Station 2 ensures extended use and seamless entertainment consumption.


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