L&M's technology is deployed inside ultraviolet (UV) metering devices related to UV curing and UV disinfection applications.  Whether you work in a healthcare environment that utilizes UV-C disinfection, or you have consumed yogurt from a plastic cup that was UV-disinfected prior to being filled with yogurt, or you work within a building with a UV-C disinfecting HVAC system, there  is a high likelihood that L&M's technology has been a part of your life.  From early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, the same technology was deployed as part of surgical mask disinfection systems, allowing masks to be safely reused multiple times as hospital staffs dealt with PPE shortages.  As companies continue to conceptualize and develop innovative systems to proactively deactivate pathogens with UV light, L&M, along with its ISO17025 partners, would welcome the opportunity to play a part in your product design.

It’s all about the Dose
With all the variables involved in the efficacy of UV-C surface and air disinfection (UV-C lamp type, lamp power, distance to kill area, pathogen type, relative humidity and more), what matters most is dose or the total energy required to deactivate the pathogen. The Apollo UV-C Precision Indicator tells you just that, and it is coin-cell battery powered, compact, and rugged. Put it anywhere, especially in those hard-to- reach places.
Features and Benefits
• Easily confirm the dose (fluence) anywhere in the room
• Simple push button start/stop with percent dose indication means zero training
• Compatible with all UV-C source technologies (LPM, Far UV-C, Pulsed Xenon)
• TRU2UVTM proprietary optical filtering to ensure Solar and Visible blindness outside the UV-C pathogen deactivation spectrum
• Smart Sensors for Life® SFE technology means ultra low power and research-grade precision
• USB interface for Dose Target setting
• Serial interface available for microcontroller
or PLC connection in permanent installations
• NIST traceable calibration available


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